Albuquerque Foreclosures and Short-Sales

Foreclosure proceedings can start as early as when an owner is 30 days past due on his mortgage payment.  There are so many foreclosures happening now that the banks have generally eased up on filing for repossession of a home until it’s absolutely necessary.  If you or a loved one are having a struggle to meet your home payments, we first advise you to CALL YOUR MORTGAGE COMPANY.  Do NOT sit back and assume that nothing can be done, lose your home, and ruin your credit.  In 2009, the Federal government created an incentive program of several billion dollars to encourage mortgage companies to modify the loan payments, some to as low as 31% of the owner’s monthly income. You may find your bank will be happy to help you stay in your home!

As a buyer, foreclosure homes and short-sales offer some fantastic bargains.  While the number of Albuquerque foreclosures is not as large as in many areas, we do have our share. Our city’s economy has sustained itself better due to the number of technical jobs in the area. Our military base location has helped as well.

Purchasing foreclosures or short-sales in Albuquerque can provide an exciting experience or a frustrating one. This is one time that having a professional Realtor to walk you through the process is essential.  Let us help you in that regard.  Browse through the MLS for Albuquerque foreclosures below, or go to our Albuquerque Foreclosures Search page to see them all or select your own criteria.

Contact us if you find something that you have an interest in learning more about!

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